17: Death Threat


It has been two weeks since I stopped tiptoeing around the prison scared. It has also been two weeks since the last time Daniel sought me out.

He has been avoiding me and I figured it's because I joined the crew, instead of waiting for him like I had promised I would.

It's irritating. I can't just march into his office, and demand to have a talk. Many are the days I have contemplated doing exactly that, but I know it would be jeopardizing the both of us. So, I have been patient, hoping he will get over whatever hurt ego issues he has going on and hear my side of the story.

But he hasn't. And I am worried that perhaps he has lost interest in me. It's not a delightful feeling.

Long gone, are the sneaky tender stolen gazes. Now, whenever our eyes meet, he quickly averts.

My days are now spent with the crew, playing my part. I wasn't thrilled when I found out that my protection included spending all my time outside the cell with them. But it was the only way they could guarantee m
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