27: Hurt

Eight months later…


I wasn't a happy man, anymore.

I was jealous, insecure, and I hated it. Despite it all, I am happy for Liam. I wanted this for him. He is out there enjoying his freedom and his youth.

'He is still young; he needs this, it's a hard truth I have to keep hammering in my mind daily.

Having him so far away is not sitting well with me.

As much as I was in for a full university adventure, I didn't sign up for unanswered texts and missed calls in the name of hanging out with friends.

I could feel the growing distance between us, which had me questioning everything I thought I knew. Is what we had, anything to go by? Maybe I was the only decent option he had back in prison. But now out there, I am sure better opportunities are at his turn. After all, he is the son of one of the most prominent men in the country.

Did I blame him? No, I knew he was just being himself. The him I didn't get to know due to the confinement. This is a landmine I don't how to tread on.

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