Mate?! Who's your Mate?!

Chapter 3

She gasps and stares at me for a few seconds.

Nathan asked her something and she replied but I wasn't paying attention. Her scent has got me stupefied and stuck and glues on a spot just saying nothing.

She then turn to me and spoke to me.

"I'm sorry for splashing my ice cream on you but it's only manners you don't walk so close to anybody. You were too close to me and that's why the ice cream splashed on you. So in that case, can I get a refund because you were the one who wasn't looking." I frown at her words still not able to comprehend what she is saying

Thelma, the girl manning the counter quickly rushed forward.

"Alpha! I am sorry for this debacle" She said fearfully and bowed in apology.

"Mate!"My wolf growled. 

Just as if she knows who I am or whatsoever that is wrong with her, she pushed past Adam and runs out.

The Alpha in me was overly furious that my mate just spoke down to me, she literally spoke to me without an ounce of respect or submission and the most annoying of it all is that my mate is human!

A damn bitch! 

A human bitch who has got no respect or whatsoever.

I angrily walk out of the shop going towards my car while Adam hurries behind me trying to keep up with my angry fast paces. 

"Wow. The moon goddess never seems to lose her ability to surprise us. Even you, the mighty Alpha has a human mate. One who seems like she won't bow down to you so easily."

But I ignore him. How dare the moon goddess pair me up with a human? 

A weak human with no respect or submission of rank and class?

Anyway, I'm fine as long as she keeps running from me as I'm not going to bother trying to find her.

She's feels like she is enough already.


   "Oh My Moon! Are you saying you met with Alpha Damien? You're so lucky" Ariel exclaims with a dreamy look on her face.

"Did you seduce him? Or you at least winked or asked for his number? Please please please tell me". She continues

"The situation is not funny or dreamy one bit, I am in trouble. Actually, I splashed Cold Ice Cream on him and demanded for a refund saying he was wasn't looking"I said with my hands in my hair.

I suddenly look up at Ariel who flinches back.

"I literally told him he is blind..." I wail and fall back to the bed

"Oh Shit!" She exclaims with hands over her mouth.

"I can only hope he doesn't recognize me later because I ran away immediately I discovered it was Damien" I giggle and stand up from the bed and walked over to take a drink from the mini fridge in the middle of the room.

"You did the right thing by running away. We all know Alpha Damien is dreamy and devilishly handsome but he can be a devil most times. You always find a way to make me worried about you" Ariel admits while taking my drink from my hand and opening it.

"You don't have to be....I can take care of myself, even though I'm a human" I tell her with a smile adorning my face.

Deep in me, I thought Alpha Damien looked like evil incarnate like everyone claimed but seeing the way he stared at me only gave me validation that they were all right after all. He is one book you can judge by it's cover and his cover is quite pretty but dark coloured. I am going to stay away from the I've cream shop and that area in general just in case I might run into that Beast called Alpha Damien once again and that it not a visit I'm looking forward to.

*Next Morning*

       I hate to be woken up so early in the morning and that's why I am always late for work but since I am hard working, Elyssa has no reason to fire me.

 But today, it seems like I'll be having a bad day. I can hear it in the bangs on the door. Who the fuck has no manners this way?

Gosh. I'm so angry. I mean, can't the person make use of the bell?.

"Go get the door" I tell Ariel.

She only groaned at me. She's obviously not making any move to get up.

"You get it." She mutters in uses one leg to push me off the bed.

Damn werewolf strength.

"I'm coming already. Stop banging like a bastard as another person's house." I yelled at whoever is at the door and I'm secretly thinking how to murder whoever it is.

I walk up to the door and open it.

 I gasp as soon as I saw the person or rather, devil who has been banging my door all morning.

It's Alpha Damien. 

I am so dead.

Spilled Ice Cream on him and now called him a bastard. I'm honestly not living for another day. I can feel it crawling up my legs. 

I suddenly got the urge to lock him out. And I immediately acted on it. 

As I wanted to close the door on him,he put one of his foot inside stopping the door from closing. He glares at me darkly as if am the last person he wanted to see or like I'm something disgusting. I wonder if he came alone or with guards so they can kidnap me. I quickly take a peep behind him and luckily there are no guards but they might be in his car so I shouldn't get all happy yet.

"Don't make me regret my visit here already" He told me with a dark expression.

"Oh My... It's Alpha Damien" Ariel exclaims behind me and bow down quickly.

And after all her gesticulation, He only nodded at her. What a arrogant human being.

I felt like I needed to say something or simply apologize.

"Excuse me, I apologize for speaking to you that way Mr Alpha Damien... But, why don't you let it be a win win for us both by leaving me alone? They say forgiveness is a divine deed" I say to him.

I literally just let it all out on him. If he still takes me after all my forgiveness ranting, then he's officially a devil on earth.

"Keep quiet.You should not talk to him like that. You need a lesson on talking" Ariel shout-whispered while poking me on my lower back.

"What makes you think I'm here for your human mistakes?...I may be a devil like you all call me..." He looked straight into my eyes after saying that, I look away.

"...but am I am not that much of a devil to keep my supposed mate in a cage as a slave or offender" He finishes still looking straight at me.

"Wait...What?! Did you just say the word mate? Who is your mate?" I laugh and turn to Ariel

"You're his mate? How did you not tell me? Wow. I'm not sure I'm happy for you but you found your mate..." I rushed out in one breath at Ariel.

She only looks at me with wide eyes.

I turn back to Alpha Damien who's also looking at me.

My laughter silently die.

"Who here is your mate?" I asked him again

"The one who opened the door by calling me a bastard." He simply answers me with a bored face.

Oh Shit.

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