"Can I know who Crystal's dad is?" Erica finally asked and Leilani dropped the spatula in her hand slowly.

She stood for a while sighing before she turned to face Erica who had an inquisitive and anxious look on.

Leilani's phone started ringing as soon she was about to say something.

She nodded at Erica, cleaning her hands on the apron as she answered the call.

" Hello." She said but instead of a reply, a chuckle, a good laugh sounded from the other side.

A scornful chuckle!

Erica looked at her, the inquisitive look on her small, round face increased as she stared at Leilani and the phone in her hands.

" Can you help me with that?" Leilani gestured at the cabbage lying on the cabinet.

" Sure." Erica nodded, walking towards the cabinet, holding the knife clumsily.

" You know what? Just call Umbrie. You might mistakenly get yourself stabbed with the way you're holding the knife." Leilani suggested, seeing the way she held the knife.

" I won't. I'll do it myself
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