" Nala." Daria whispered the name lowly and Cole raised his head up to look at her before glancing away almost immediately as he returned his gaze to the Gamma.

Cole could feel sweats appearing on his forehead because he knew even if he tried to come up with something with Xander through mind-link, the Alpha would surely know about it.

" We gotta let him know." Cole mentally told Xander which made a frown appear on both the Alpha and the luna's faces.

" Let me know what?" Kaden asked, an unpleasant look already appearing on his face.

" Speak." Xander nudged Cole. " You're the eldest here. I'll he right back, need to relieve myself." He added trying to get up from his seat and leave as he looked everywhere but Kaden, but the look he received from the Alpha made him slump back on his seat.

" Tell me what's happening." Kaden said, directing the question to the Gamma who was trying to elope earlier.

" To be honest, Kaden." Xander began..

"When.." he scratch
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