Before the Alpha could leave the hallway, Daria appeared with a bright smile, holding his arms as the maids behind her almost fell on themselves because of the way she stopped abruptly.

" My father's here. He wants to see you, Kaden." She smiled out all her full dentitions, gripping his arm tightly.

" He wants to see you, let's go." She said, dragging him forward slightly but he gently removed her grip from his arm with a blank face.

" I'm busy. I'll see him when I'm done." Kaden said and left, leaving Daria to stare at his back as she bit her lips very hard till it became very red.

The maids stood straight like statues as she hit her feets and pounded her folded fists on the wall angrily.

Glaring at the maids, she turned around and her gaze locked with Cole's own who was standing with a guard beside him.

" Is there something wrong with him? Is he okay?" She asked Cole who looked on wordlessly and gestured at the guard beside him and they left to the princess'
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