^^ Please don't be confused, my dear readers as from this chapter, Daria will no longer be referred to as Daria but as Erica. I hope you don't get confused!^^


" It's okay. I'll be right there. Just make sure she's fine and okay before I arrive, I'll be there in a sec." Kaden assured in a deep and worried as the call hung up from Umbrie's side.

" Where's Tyron?" He asked a guard who was standing outside his office.

" I don't know, Your majesty. I'll go and find out where he's now." The guard bowed and left hurriedly in search of Tyron who was dwelling in pains at the moment.

Kaden sighed as he kept telling himself she was okay as he hurried to the garage.

Tyron would have to meet him later, there wasn't much of a time to spare.

" Your Majesty." He heard and he hastily swivelled around to see the head of Silvermoon fighter wolves bowing before him.

" What is it, Donna?" He asked calmly as he spared the wristwatch on his wrist a quick look.

" There's something I need to discuss w
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