Wasn't this Erica or was she just hallucinating her now?

Erica who saw how Leilani kept silent as she continued examining her face started palpitating but she held herself and put on a tough face.

" Is there something on my face or what? Who are you and what are you doing here?" She asked Leilani and Madam Enola who was standing behind scoffed silently.

" Good day, Luna. I apologize but we're–" Enola was saying.

" I wasn't talking to you and I guess know you just remembered how to greet. You've started growing wings now?" Erica snarled while Korra and the others immediately bowed in greetings to her.

Leilani didn't say a word as she continued staring at Erica who was already feeling uneasy but when she remembered Callum's words, she cleared her throat.

" You're dismissed." She ordered in a domineering voice while Leilani averted her gaze when Madam Enola slightly nudged her from behind, Leilani gave a small nod and after a while, the maids left leaving only Erica and Leilani.

" Erica
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