Kaden glanced up shortly as Donna walked into his study with head bowed and hands behind her.

" Is there something I need to know, Donna? Is there something going on with you that I don't know?" His serene voice asked calmly.

Donna shook her head with her eyes wandering everywhere but him. " I'm sorry, Alpha."

" An apology isn't what I'm asking for, an incident was reported to me by another person, an incident which is supposed to be reported by you. You tried to hide it from me?" He asked and she vehemently shook her head.

" I would never, Your majesty. I just wanted to find out all what really happened and report to you instead of just coming here without any evidence of sort." Donna defended herself quickly.

The Alpha kept silent for a moment before glancing at her again. " What do we have here today? What happened? Such accident shouldn't happen when you're on watch, you've been lagging behind these days."

" I know that, Alpha and I deeply apologize. Such won't repeat itself an
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