Leilani stole a secret glance at Simon who had mysteriously appeared when she left the house and was looking for a cab that'd take her back to the tower but fortunately for her, he suddenly appeared with that wide grin on his face.

" I suppose you were still around," she started nervously, Simon glanced at he mirror with a bow as he nodded.

" Yes, My Lady. But, I thought you were heading to the hospital?" He asked with a knowing smile, he almost laughed out when he saw the bashed look on her face.

" Oh, that. Well, I–" thankfully her phone rang and she immediately pulled it out of her small clutch but groaned silently when she saw Xander's name glaring at her on the screen.

" Hey Xander,"

" Lei, where are you?" Xander's cool voice asked.

" Eh, actually, I'm almost there. I'll be in the tower soon." She replied.

" The Alpha actually went to the hospital but you weren't there, I guess you left for some other place." Xander chuckled but she simply kept quiet with a pout.

" You don't nee
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