Xander walked into the sitting room of the Alpha's exquisite penthouse which he had bought for a large sum since he was in his early twenties, he hadn't even told he and Cole the reason he personally got and wanted it, leaving the other royal ones.

" Where's she?" He asked Donna who replied Leilani was sleeping.

" Did she get to eat before falling asleep?" He added.

Donna bowed in response. " I made sure about that, Gamma. Her maids arrived so they did all she needed to before she slept."

" Would you be going back to the tower?" She asked gently and he nodded but then, shook his head later on.

" I shouldn't, I'm sure he'd be able to handle it himself, I have to be here for Leilani. You can continue." Xander mouthed and started to leave for upstairs where he'd find a bedroom to pass the night in.

" Hold on, there are more than enough guards here already, what are you doing here?" Xander asked, turning back to face her. Donna took a while to respond as she wondered why he was asking.
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