She fell on the floor weakly, remembering what had happened some few hours back in the meeting room, where she'd openly disgraced herself and her father.

» flashback «

" Kaden," Erica called with a flashing smile at the Alpha who was standing at the door of the courtroom with his Beta and his personal guard, he didn't even spare her a single look as his guard opened the huge door and they entered.

She stood rooted on her spot in embarrassment at his cold and unconcerned behavior.

" Luna, they're waiting." Aliya reminded from behind and she heaved as she walked slowly towards the door, wasn't he the one who requested for her to come? Well, it was none of her business if he ignored her or not, he'd have no choice than to return to her soon.

Yes, she told her father about Leilani, she knew that was a chance to throw Leilani out of her life for good and thankfully, the woman slapped her. A huge crime on its own, she was sure her father would make the most out o
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