His head lowered and took her soft lips gently into a sweet kiss, she calmed down slowly as she relaxed into the kiss, seeing her now relaxed state, he calmly repositioned himself, took a small step to the back and thrust all the way in, past every barrier!

Leilani let out a short but loud scream that could also be mistaken as a moan, she gasped and sighed when he threw her legs over his shoulders, bending her practically in half, and buried himself to the hilt inside her. The feel of his thick girth stretching her was uncomfortable at first but not painful.

" Okay, flower?" He grunted out deeply and she immediately nodded, giving him a go-ahead sign.

Before long, he was slamming into her, using her like a rag doll, his body heavy and perfect on top of her. She let him take whatever he wanted, completely exhausted to do anything else

His face made her transfixed. His big, muscular body pounded her into the bed, his head thrown back in ecstasy, his mouth slack. He looked like he was g
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