He wasn't going to distract them at all, he was just going to go in there and get the most important person in his life out of there. Her father had even regarded her kidnap first?

The Alpha shoved every other thoughts to the back of his mind, he could clearly perceive the offensive smell in the air and the loud howls of what he could guess right, rogues. There were rogues around.

He deftly moved past the trees and shrubs till he saw a building and the sight he was seeing didn't go well with him.

No wonder he couldn't find much of the rogues as he walked past the bushes, almost all of them were already gathered around the entrance of the building.

They were using their sharp claws to scratch the door and their paws as if to push the huge iron door open. When some of them noticed their futile attempts, they started to leave one by one and walk round the house as they searched for an entrance.

Kaden clicked his tongue. He had two options, one was to pass through one of the windows and
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