Erica sat down at the base of the huge tree at the bank of a river. Her teeth silently and greedily scratched the big seed of the tenth mango she had just plucked and she sighed, finally throwing it away. Her teeth and tongue were all sour already.

She stared at the power bead around her wrist and a grumble left her throat, she was really tempted to just cut it and end this suffering she was going through but she couldn't dare, she never knew what was going to come for her anytime soon so she had to overcome that dumb temptation.

Never in her entire life had she hassled for something to eat but here it was now, scraping the fleshes of unripe mangoes.

Hardam, that good for nothing doctor who'd meet his doom soon and go to join his father. He dared to threaten her?

She hadn't an idea where he got her bead from but when she remembered the day she taught that human, Ivy a lesson, she could feel a loss of power in her then but it turned out that Ivy had dragged her bead off and probabl
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