" Sorry?" Leilani scoffed.

" Yeah. This man here," he pointed a finger at himself.

"...has been such a bad father. A bad grandfather and a bad leader and that's why I'm here to say sorry. To apologize to my princess for all wrong doings I did just to get revenge. To say sorry for not being there for her. To say sorry for leading her sisters into a wrong path due to my negligence and to say sorry for not being a good grandfather for my granddaughter." Pedro said then heaved.

" You're so big now. So womanly, so gorgeous and everything exceptional." He had a smile that elicited pride on his face even though his eyes weren't matching the smile on his face. They had a completely sad look and a little bit of anger.

" I lost everything. I lost Ami, my people, their trust, their respect and more importantly my daughters, my wonderful triplets who I separated by my own hands and created havoc between them. My only wish is to get their trust back and I'll be okay."

" Get what back? Me? Or wh
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