Betrayal Got Betrayed


Now what is VSWI, the VSWI is simply known as Vanguard Soldiers War Improvement.

This is a place where many hazardous weapons are located, this is where they install and where they generate war appliances.

The Vanguard Army Force are well populated here, Armored automobiles are shown to be moving in and out of the department.

It is really a gigantic place indeed with a very large fence, the building only approves Vanguard as the best when it comes to technology, so many armored vehicles were arranged inside the well neat building, the armies uniform are just so sweet, designed with red and white colors.

Then the black guy's car was shown to be at first and then many other cars following it at the back, as it was coming so as the gate was opened for them immediately so they drive in straight without being stopped.

Immediately after all the armored and other cars were driven in, the soldiers ran out and started carrying the werewolves to where
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