37 : Ultima?

They are all becoming so afraid as the wolves keep looking at them badly with their green scaring eyes.

These giant wolves' eyes were red in color, they both have different colors which are white and black.

And their colors are not dull, this doesn't mean any else apart from glittering, this simply means that their furs are well glittering, most especially the white one, you can easily notice it in the dark and even more in the afternoon when there is sunlight, their furs will appear like something shiny.

So each of the wolves is on its own color, the right one was purely white that has no dot on its body and the wolves are well cleaned it has no stain on its body, so as the left one was black and had no stain on his body also, although it is black, so even if there is a stain, you won't be able to notice it.

And that color was also representing their personalities and their roles to play, the white one is cool, gentle, smart, and can be merciful, but don't mess with th
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