53 : Stick With The Team

He couldn't believe who he was seeing, is this a dream or what

"She? how is this possible? she never looked like someone that has a power of resurrection" he mumbles to himself.

And without noticing that he was taking a risk by leaving his teammates behind and ran towards Zara'm alone.

He then quickly ran towards her in other to discuss with her.

Not only discuss with her, but to also appreciates her, for the protection she rendered to the people.

And also find out how possible was she supposed to be alive.

However, Switzer literally appears like someone who is in love with women.

Not that the action he was taking was that bad, but he was supposed to go together with the others.

But instead of waiting for others, he heads direct to Zara'm without others.

Besides Zara'm noticed that guy that was running towards her.

And she was thinking that it was one of the enemies! which are the Red Corps of course.

Besides, she was busy clearing out the lif
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