Chapter 21

Brielle's POV

I walked into Killian office with his files and cringed slightly as he screamed into the phone.

" I know for a fact that I didn't hire an idiot. So tell me what's so hard about following instructions? " I placed the files on his desk and he gave me a side glance before going back to his call. We were back in New York and everything was back the way it was. I was back to organizing and planning everything each day in my office, Killian was back to cursing out all of his employees and Benjamin was now back to babysitting Delilah same for George who went back to being the driver. And we can't forget Blaine who was now back and being... well Blaine.

It was slightly upsetting to say goodbye to Reginald and Leo. Even though we had spent less than a week together, it felt like forever. We knew so much about one another. Delilah had gave Reginald a well deserved hug and did the same for Leo before a cute little pout was set on her face. I had whispered in her ear that she'd be a
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