Chapter 10

I looked around at the giggling werewolves I called my family. My eyes were wide as I looked at all of them. It was hard trying to keep a straight face as I pictured a chubby wolf bounding through the forest. Squeezing my eyes shut, I struggled and finally succumbed to the laughter. Naresh was already roaring in my head and I joined him.

“How much weight have they all gained?”

Hector cleared his throat. “Some…more than others.”

“Alpha Týr is absolutely the worst. His beta is a close second.” Lucy’s nose wrinkled and I watched as Bryan put a protective arm around his daughter.

“Then Logan is probably third with the rest following in varying degrees of severity.” Bryan added, smirking. “It helps he wasn’t at the pack house full time until the last few weeks.”

Shaking my head, I gulped in some air. “But you can’t be putting that much in.”

“Until you see the portions that they eat.” Hector giggled.

'That was added in by your Grandpa. It hightens their appetite as well. So the normal werew
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