Chapter 19

Hector got to her door first and threw it open. I could hear the lock break as it hit the wall. Right behind him, I surveyed the room. My mom was standing, chest heaving, golden eyes lit up and her full-length mirror shattered under her. Her hand was sporting shards of glass and blood as it held the crumpled piece of paper. She was shaking but the look on her face was angry more than upset.


Her eyes found mine and suddenly, I was brought to my knees. Behind me, I felt Bryan grab me so I didn’t fall to the ground.

“Auri.” Hector walked into the room, his hands up. “You’re bleeding.”

Shaking her head, she brushed past him and disappeared into the closet. She came out a few minutes later, wearing body armor, her hair pulled up and completely suited up with weapons.

Bryan took a deep breath. “You aren’t going onto the territory, Auri. You can’t. They will attack because they would know you are coming! They can feel you!”

Her hands came up quickly. “I don’t care.” She signed it over
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