Chapter 24

We sat on the floor, her legs were draped over mine as her back leaned against my broken bed. My back was against the wall and her fingers were intertwined in mine.

“So…you saw him from a balcony twice. You know he is your mate. You keep dreaming about him and this time you met him, you talked. It did not go well and you woke up.”

I nodded, my head was leaned back against the wall, and my eyes were closed. Somewhere in the middle of the explanation, I had stopped crying. It didn’t feel better though, my heart still hurt with every beat.

“How do you know if he actually hates you?”

“You didn’t see his face that day, Rose. Leo could tell you. It nearly brought me to my knees. He was livid. He was still fair and still advised the council on our situation but he was so angry. He didn’t even stay for the rest of the meeting, he left and slammed the door so loud behind him even some of the High Councilors flinched.”

She nodded but narrowed her eyes. “How do you know that it was even him
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