Chapter 35

Owen turned to the table. His wolf still forward. “I hereby instate Kaden Locke as my Beta and Cory Thomas as my Gamma.” His voice was gruff and I smiled, happy that he took my advice in bringing Cory in as his Gamma. They would do well for the pack. Bringing the pack into more modern times, just as my older brother wanted to do.

“Cory, you should go to Rose. She would have felt the Luna power be removed.” I looked at Owen, his eyes had gone back to their normal color. “If that is okay with your Alpha.”

Owen nodded and Cory came forward, holding out his hand to me. Smiling, I shook it. “You were the best Gamma I could have asked for over the years. Take care of Rose. Make sure she has everything she could possibly want and take care of that kiddo of yours.”

“I’m sorry…what?” My mother’s voice rose.

Cory turned and headed out of the room. The whole group still seemed to be in shock over what had just happened. The Elders were sitting in their seats, staring at each other. My mother and
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A family not by blood but loves you and cares

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