Chapter 48

It took over a half hour but the entire call of silent during that time. My mother and Ezekiel listening to Bryan as we signed back and forth. She would occasionally ask as question as well but I did all that I could to explain the situation and what I thought that I needed moving forward.

‘I think we should send Hector as well. He can leave straight from the coven he is currently be at and be there in a little over a week.’ My mom signed and I nodded. ‘Ezekiel can take the car and it will be faster as well. I don’t trust you just having one.’

I laughed. “Me, or them?”

She shook her head. ‘Honestly, the fact that they are all still alive is frankly amazing.’

‘I don’t know how far this corruption goes but I think it is at least central to this castle. The people seem too afraid. Of both the outside and their Alpha.’ I signed back.

Bryan narrowed his eyes. ‘Is that even enough? Especially if you are having suspicions about High Councilor Mark.’

My mother’s face turned dark. ‘We will dea
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Yaya veperez
thank you thank you, this chapter got me going back to mama when she fought and suffered so much. Hope he doesn't get caught like that
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Trish Mcgill
Thank you. Can’t wait for more. Loving your stories.

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