Chapter 53

He took the phone from my hand but I didn’t let it go. My eyes locked with his as he looked up at me, confused as to why I wouldn’t let go.

“I know you’re upset. This might make it worse. You need to understand that you aren’t the only one in pain. You aren’t the only one who loves him. He may be your mate, but he is also a friend, a son, a member of the pack and family. It’s not just you in pain.”

He growled and pulled the phone out my my hands. I watched as Vale phoned Auri. It was understandable how upset and angry he was but this was bigger than him as well. The fact that he still couldn’t feel anything through the bond seemed to be a good sign.

Auri proved that she could be far away but still made Logan feel her pain of her dying. The death of a mate could be felt anywhere. No matter how far away you were. We continued to find that out the hard way. Bryan was in Europe when Denise died. He said he felt every bit of it. Not the pain beforehand but her death for sure.

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