Author Update 1.0

Hello my wonderful lovely readers!

First, I want to say thank you for supporting me with my stories and I hope you are enjoying so far! I wanted to apologize. I’ve wanted to keep up and have my chapter or two a day but recently, between health issues and family, that has not been possible. I want to reassure all of you, my love and continuation for this story is still there! It’s not abandoned or finished. By any means. I’ve just not been healthy enough to focus my creativeness.

Things are changing coming up here. I get to have a bit more time to myself. Get to focus a little more, as well as *hopefully* not as frequent drs visits. So! I’m hoping we jump back into this next week, not 100% on the exact date yet next week. I’m shooting for early next week, at least having two chapters! I’m also going through and doing some rough edits on the earlier chapters. Just misspelled or incorrect words. I’m not a person who can focus on multiple stories at once, so this story is still my sole focus.

I have been writing some later scenes. Honestly, I haven’t decided if I’m going to have them in the story. Only because it’s heavily Auri focused. But I want to make sure Vale is still my main squeeze. :)

I’m trying to be better about posting and replying on twittter. I have my twitter in my bio and if you follow me I just retweet writing stuff. And post updates. I’m also thinking about doing some sketches as well of the area, places, homes, and just small things that are in my worlds. Not right away. I’m trying to ease back in with my health but we are getting there.

I appreciate all of you and your patience with me! <3


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Lisa Jewell Hurt
Hope you are feeling better. your books are amazing and I can tell that you really focus on the story lines and characters. Can't wait to see what's to come.
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Sheila Harriss
ok time for updates thank u
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Terri Rider Heywood
I’m really enjoying this story. I hope u can feel better soon. Looking forward to reading more. Can Grand father help find Zeke

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