Chapter 66

“The BloodHunter Coven, being reduced to ash and every single one of their members removed from this planet by the Luna Queen and Alpha King, the BloodHunter Coven had no way of rebuilding a Nova 2.0 as they do not exist anymore.”

Dr. J followed up. “As far as we know, the BloodHunter Coven has been completely dismantled, correct. The removal of the previous High Council members also insured that no sympathizers or members were amongst their numbers.”

“Which wouldn’t make any sense as Nova 2.0 is now being distributed out there.” Ophilla turned to the camera. “However, there is one link to every single one of these drug busts and that is…the High Council.”

My eyes widened. They couldn’t be. There was no way. I looked at Vale but he didn’t seem to catch on yet, his brow still furrowed like everyone else as their eyes were glued to the TV. Jax looked at me for a moment and seemed to understand as well but I looked back over at Bryan. He only gave me a curt nod.

“The High Council ori
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Daaaaamn… That was an unexpected twist

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