Chapter 75

We ambled five minutes before we ran into anyone. Luckily, it was no one who knew us. They didn’t even stop as we swayed with the two bottles in our hand. I stopped at the power room. It was out of our way but I wasn’t about to leave this place running after everything I had gone through. Leaning Hector up against the wall, I unlocked the door with the keycard. It was too easy. No one was monitoring the room and it was as easy as pulling levels well past the red marker. It was sophisticated but at the same time, simple. I wondered where we were that would build a power system this easy to fuck up.

Quickly, I closed the door and pulled Hector back over my shoulder and we ambled our way down the halls. Unfortunately, this route took us past the guard common room for the east side. Sure enough, three guards stood outside, chatting. They looked us up and down.

“What the hell…”

Flaring my nostrils, I pointed my pinky at them, while holding the beer bottle up. I did my utmost to slur my wor
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