Chapter 4

*This chapter will have multiple POV's and some SMUT. Just fair warning*

Toni (Grey Eyes) POV:

I watched as a mischievous smirk appeared on the tattooed goddesses , known as Saskia, face as she scanned the room. The moment she walked into first period I froze. Normally I don't care about new students but something about her caught my attention. I don't know if it was the way she walked in with that confidence/attitude or her beautiful blue eyes or the fact that she's got tattoos everywhere. Mmmm yum! After she called me out on the staring I tried to focus on what the teacher was saying only to space out as my thoughts drifted back to her. Before I could ask for her number she was already walking out the door. 

I watch her walk towards some guy and those knucklehead twins. I hear the third guy yell her name "Kia!!!!!" She laughs at him and yells back "What assface!!" This gets her and the twins laughing as the third guy fakes a broken heart. I couldn't help but smile at their antics as I turned and made my way to my next class. I hope I have more classes with her. I gotta get her to talk to me somehow.....

Tristan (Fuckboy) POV:

My eyes locked onto that sexy girl as soon as she dismounted her bike and ripped off her helmet. I couldn't stop staring at her perky round ass, tight waist and lovely tits. Oh god I'm getting hard. Shit! Then when she yelled at everyone in the lot and just walked in like a boss I knew I had to have her. I don't know if I want something permanent or a wham bam thank you ma'am like I usually do but something tells she's not that kind of girl and I'd probably lose my balls if I did her dirty. I continued watching her only to notice she's covered in tattoos. Holy fuck I think I need to make her my wifey. The guys and I start walking into the building when I see her go her separate way from the guy she showed up with, I hope he's not her boyfriend I'd be pissed if that was the case. Anyway she almost looks lost when I walk up behind her only for her to turn and smack right into me. I try not to laugh when she says "Ouch what the hell? Stupid wall!!" I couldn't stop myself "Hello sweetheart" 

She steps back and yells "What the hell?!"  When she finally looks up at me, her eyes widen for a split second before a blank stare comes on her face. I couldn't help but smirk at her reaction. Yeah girl I know I'm sexy as fuck I can't help it. "I see you're new here sweetheart" She rolls her eyes and sarcastically says "No shit Sherlock. What gave you that idea?" Wow that sassy attitude and smart mouth just made my pants a little more tighter than it already was, shit I need to get this under control. Before she can fully walk around me I grab her arm and pull her back to me thinking I can sweet talk her a little only I don't take in account her feisty attitude as she angrily says "What the hell are you doing? Take your hands off of me!" What she didnt realize as she struggled to yank her arm away, was that she moved closer to me. I take the chance and run my nose down her neck as I sniff her wonderful smell. I try not to groan as I tell her "Mmm sweetheart you smell amazing. Relax I'm not going to make you do anything. That's not the type of guy I am."  " Oh really cause you seem like a fuckboy that has seen more pussy than a gyno!" she snaps at me. Damn girl that kind of hurt but I can't dispute that one. Getting angry I get in her face and say "You don't know a single thing about me sweetheart and watch your mouth! Foul language shouldn't come out of a pretty mouth" I tell her lowly "Oh my god go fuck yourself and leave me be I'm late. Bye fuckboy!"  

She quickly turns towards her original destination "I wasn't do-" "Tristan!!" Oh no I know that whiny voice. God why did I ever mess with this chick. "I've been looking all over for you" "What do you want Stacy?" Out the corner of my eye I notice my sweetheart is still in my sight so I know she heard this crazy ho talking. " I just came to see you since you didn't stay over last night." "We've talked about this Stacy, we're not together so chill out." " That's not what you were saying last night and all the other times we've hooked up!" she screamed at me. This bitch did not just raise her voice at me. I glare at her and go to pry her off of me when she starts rubbing up on me "C'mon baby let me make you feel good."  I look around Stacy when I hear my sweetheart peek back and make a gagging noise. 

Stacy pulls me into the nearest empty classroom and practically swallows my face. The hard on I had from my sweetheart disappeared instantly as I grabbed her hands and yanked them off my neck. "What the fuck is wrong with you?! I'm not your man and you're not my girl so get it through your thick skull. Stay away from me." I all but yell at her and storm off to first period wiping the nasty bitch off of me.

*Back to gym class *

Kias POV:

I'm so excited! I can't wait to show these fuckers whose boss. I feel my mischievous grin come on my face as the guys start calling out names. I start zoning out. God these retards take forever I think to myself. When I come back to present there's only myself and one other person. "Okay Tyson pick your last person. It's either Rachel or Kia. Which one will it be?"  I watch that sexy man meat look like he's thinking about something. I decide to mess with him and bite down on my bottom lip. His eyes darken immediately as he watches me tease him. " We pick Kia" I heard him say in a deep husky voice that sent a shiver down my spine. Oh sweet baby Jesus my panties are now wet. I start walking towards him while adding some extra sway in my hips. I hear someone say "God fuck me" I glance back to see Fuckboy watching my every move with a noticeable bulge in his sweats and Grey eyes licking his lips nodding his head in agreement. I roll my eyes, shake my head and turn back to where I was going.

As I get closer I hear two smacks followed by someone yelling "Quit eye fucking my cousin dickheads!" Ah good ol' Wren always trying to protect me and my virtue. HA who am I kidding that ship sailed a long time ago. Anyways I stood next to my "teammates" as the teacher explained the rules again and each team took their side. I could feel 3 sets of eyes watching me as I stretched and jumped a couple of times. I make eye contact with Wren and yell "Hey dipshit you ready for me to kick your ass?" "You're funny not happening" I laughed and said "I know it's funny cause I nailed your ass to the wall last time. Don't make me embarrass you in front of all these people." I grin at him evilly. He pales and gulps as he walks back over to the twins.

I feel, no smell my sexy mountain man move closer to me as the whistle blows and everyone starts running for the balls. I snatch one away from Grey eyes and run back giving him a wink and focus back on the game. I watch the Twins get out after Wren accidentally tripped Mark. I snicker as I notice Fuckboy beam a ball right at me. Before it reaches me I jump into a backflip landing right next to Mountain man. He glances at me with a small smile on his face. I blow him a kiss and run towards a ball slinging it into to Wren's back.

"Damn it Kia!"  Wren pouts at me as he walks to the sideline with the Twins. I laugh as I notice Grey eyes and Fuckboy are running straight at me with a ball in each hand . I back up knowing this sexy man meat is to my right . They release the first 2 balls. I catch one and dodge the other as they let go of their second ones. Mountain man quickly beams Grey eyes in his legs and falls over tripping Fuckboy taking them both down. Before Fuckboy can get up I hurl the last ball and it smacks him in the back of his head successfully getting him out.

I scream in excitement and jump on Mountain Man hugging him like a koala with my legs and arms wrapped around him. He gives me a real smile and spins me as I laugh so hard at the Twins and Wren pout with Grey eyes glaring at Fuckboy bitching bout his big head hurting. After a few minutes I realize I'm basically wrapped around this sexy beast and a bulge is slightly rubbing me through my shorts. I gasp and he holds in a groan. I look around noticing that everyone has basically headed to the locker rooms except for these 3 sexy assholes, Wren and the Twins. 

****WARNING 18+****

"Hey quit fucking each other in front of everyone you horny shits!" I hear Mitch yell while his twin and Wren snicker and cough. I look up at this fine specimen and blush a little as I lean in to his ear and say "I think they liked the free show my sexy mountain man." I rub my kitty on his bulge as I suck on his tattooed covered neck. He growls and grabs my hips hard, rubbing his growing erection against my kitty while leaning his head into my neck " I whimper as he says "You better quit teasing babygirl before I fuck your tight pussy for real in front of my brothers, best friends and your cousin. Would you like that babygirl?" Oh god that deep husky voice made my panties even more soaked.

I could feel 2 more bodies next to me. One moves behind me rubbing his bulge against my ass. I moan as I feel a third hand slide down into my shorts and panties. "Guys she is fucking soaked. Mmm and she tastes delicious." I moan as I feel the third guys rubbing my clit down to my wet cunt. I hear multiple groans around me as I move to create friction between the three of them. Just as one starts to slide off my shirt, the bell rings basically dumping a bucket of cold water on me. I jump out of their arms and run into the locker room so I could escape these sex gods. 


That's when I decided I needed to stay away from them as much as possible. " Girl get it together. These guys hump and dump. That's not happening to me." I quickly get changed and walk over to the girls. We turn to walk towards the cafeteria and I could definitely feel their eyes burning into me.

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