Chapter 8


KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK!!! Everyone stops their movements looking over at the door. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK!! I quickly push the guys off of me putting my thong and shorts back on as I yell "What?!!" "You guys might want to get dressed and come downstairs since Wes just pulled in the garage so you know Dad isn't too far behind him." Wren tells me through the door. I look back at the guys as they finish getting dressed and adjust themselves. I smirk while opening the door to see my cousin "Ya'll are a bunch of freaks!" I roll my eyes as I push past him heading down the stairs. I hear some familiar voices and some giggling. I walk into the kitchen noticing Wes flirting with Rachel and she didn't seem to mind. Alright get it girl I wiggle my eyebrows at her, she glances at me quickly and sticks her tongue at me. I go to the fridge pulling out a bottled water when I hear another car pull into the garage. Hmm must be Uncle Aston. I walk into the living room seeing the brothers, Mia & Wren sitting
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