Chapter 19

Kia's POV:

I knew my ass was grass the moment Tyson flung my naked self over his shoulder as he moved towards the black door with a purpose. Oh fuck I'm definitely getting it now. Not gunna lie but I'm kind of hoping I will hehe. I look up at Tristan and Toni hoping they can maybe talk Tyson down from whatever punishment he plans on giving me. Before I could even muster the cute pouty face I feel two hard smacks on each cheek causing me to squeal. "Don't even think about it babygirl". Glaring at Tristan and Toni for not helping me all I get is a grin and a shoulder shrug. Rolling my eyes these men I swear.

Totally getting lost in my head I forgot my position until I hear a door open to my right. Once all of us make it inside I can't help but look around. Wow is what comes to mind.

It's dark but not crazy sex dungeon dark. Before I can think anymore about it I'm tossed onto the bed by a very angry Tyson. He quickly grabs my ankles dragging me down to the edge of the bed where he's sit
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