Chapter 31

Kia's POV:

Laying in bed with my men is the best feeling in the world. Trying to avoid getting up I roll over attempting to fall asleep again when the sudden urge to puke makes me fly out of bed accidentally elbowing Tristan in his stomach. Barely making it to the toilet I feel last nights dinner come back up.

When I think I'm done my body lurches forward and I throw up again. The feeling of someone pulling my hair back reminds me that my boyfriends just watched me throw up. I wipe my mouth as I flush the nasty away.

Looking up at my men I see looks of love and concern on each of their faces. "Babygirl are you okay to go with us today? If you and the babies aren't well one of us can stay with you." "Daddy I'm okay. A hot shower and some ginger ale should help for now. If it gets worse I'll let you know." Looking over at Tristan I remember I accidentally elbowed him. Gasping I walk over to him and give him a big hug and kiss his abs that are a little red. "I'm sorry I hurt you daddy."
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