Chapter 14. Or remarry, or sleep together

Keelin's gaze suddenly turned to the upstairs passage. Clara was angry a moment ago, but she still managed to control it, now she's out of control like that, no need to guess, it's because of Lars.

Keelin straightened up, she didn't care that Clara pointed at her insultingly and said:

“If you don't leave me alone, what are you going to do? Lady Diaz, you better remember this, I'm here because your Lars wanted me here, I didn't volunteer. Want me to leave? Okay, tell Lars to agree, I'll leave immediately.”

Keelin doesn't really like Clara, but not to the point of being unreasonable. Sometimes, Keelin riles Clara just because Clara makes her annoyed.

As for this incident, Keelin did not intend to deceive Clara, she just told the truth. Currently, Keelin still has feelings for Lars, and also has hope for him, but she is no longer stubborn. Once he told her to leave, she would leave the mansion immediately. Anyway, the two are divorced, and they have no children, so there is nothing to wo
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