Chapter 27. A new chance for Clara

Keelin had just stepped out of the restroom when a group of girls came in. It wouldn't matter if she didn't recognize the girl at the top of the group of five, Clara Diaz.

Keelin originally didn't want to care about Clara, but she didn't.

As soon as she saw Keelin, Clara immediately went to block her face

"Going shopping, so free ha?"

"It's just shopping, of course when I’m free," Keelin replied.

“Hmph, looking at you like this … you must be with the daughter of the Patel family, right? Lars didn't come, did he? I knew right away, how he could care about you?”

Keelin looked at Clara, who doing a one-man-show, and snickered. From that day on, she knew right away that Clara wouldn't let go so easily. Now she just needs to go to the bathroom to meet her, it's unlucky

But Keelin didn't want to talk much to Clara, she had more important things to deal with, leaving the other two men together, she was uneasy.

“You don't come in just to make fun of me, do you? So I'll go first, you take it e
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