Chapter 36. I can help you

“My dear Clara” J used a sweet voice to call Clara “Keelin Morales is a very dangerous person, she can harm your man. But I can help you, as long as you believe me.”

Clara looked up at J with lifeless eyes, sobbing, and said

“I love him, really love him.”

“Then you have to trust me, okay?”

"Okay … I believe you"

"Very good. Now take a rest, leave everything to me. Do not worry"

J helped Clara to the bed.

Maybe because she was too tired, Clara quickly fell asleep.

Looking at Clara sleeping on the bed, J's lips suddenly pulled up

“Lars Ramos, you are always loved. Waiting for that love to destroy you… it must be interesting then.”


In the garden of Ramos' mansion.

Under a large umbrella, Keelin sat staring intently at her laptop screen.

Lars is the famous CEO of Osmund city with many outstanding achievements. Keelin is his wife but has no achievements. So, she wanted to create something herself to prove herself and be more worthy of him.

After researching all morning, Keelin finally
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