Chapter 70. Opening a coffee shop

Hearing this statement from Layla, Keelin discovered that this secretary had always misunderstood her.

Keelin froze for two seconds then burst out laughing

“Layla… I… oh my…”

Layla saw Keelin suddenly burst into laughter and couldn't speak clearly, feeling extremely confused and confused

“Madam… is there anything to laugh at? What are you laughing at?"

Keelin stopped laughing at Layla, she felt there was no point in explaining now. Because if she explained it, just like Clara, Layla would assume she was jealous of Jena.

"Okay, it's okay, you go to work, I'll go find Lars."

“Ah… yes, madam.”

Layla hesitantly nodded and left, never before had she felt Keelin so confused as now.


The year-end party and the New Year's welcome ceremony were held in a warm and joyful atmosphere. This year, Keelin's parents are away, so she celebrates the new year at the palace like Ramos, along with Lars, Sera, the Russell brothers, and the maids.

The first month of the year passed peacefully, happily, a
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