Chapter 90. Unmasked

It's been more than three hours since Lars left, his face is also quite good, and the rescue plan must have been successful.

True to Keelin's thoughts, Lars placed his chin on top of her head and replied

“He's fine. In a day or two, he'll be back to normal."

“Well then,” Keelin exclaims. “But how do you do it?”

"You better not know this one," Lars said with a smile

They didn't know he was a prince, so they treated him like normal vampires. They must have been stunned by him by now.

As for that Demon, Lars couldn't detect any vampire marks on that person, maybe he was just a normal person.

But can ordinary people control even a Demon.S?

Furthermore, upon discovering that Lars' ability was higher than that of ordinary vampires, the Demon immediately became alert and left the place. So this kidnapping is to test his ability?

Since Keelin was still by his side, Lars didn't think too much, he leaned on her back, stroking her hand.

“I won't be here for the time being, and neither will Harry
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