Chapter 93. Approach and fight

Originally, after a few encounters, Lars' people had found the location of Demon.S, but because it was not known how strong their ability was, Lars still did not act.

However, the actions of the White sisters made him unable to control his anger. As long as Demon.S exists, Keelin will remain in danger and of course, Lars will not let that happen.

Standing staring at the large lonely house in the middle of a large piece of land, Lars's eyes were cold as if he could freeze the opposite person.

“Prince, can we really trust him?” Reynolds' voice sounded beside Lars.

Although Reynolds had never spoken to Valor, based on what the Russell brothers had told him, he did not like and did not trust the man very much. Moreover, he is also a werewolf, and werewolves and vampires are like enemies of each other.

“Do as I say,” Lars said shortly.

A few hours ago, after returning to the Ramos mansion, Keelin mentioned Valor, and she also carefully instructed Lars that no matter what happens, trust Val
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