Chapter 95. Ending?

“AAA! Lars Ramos! I will make you pay for this by your life.”

Jena's scream was like the sound of hell.

She laid J down and then straightened up, raising her right arm high.

Immediately, all traitorous vampires stopped, and even those who were being beaten and killed stopped protesting.

“She… is controlling them” Harold frowned

At this point, not even Lars could let his guard down and look down on the enemy. Now he is Jena's target and the important thing to do right now is...

“Let me go.” Keelin actively suggested.

“No,” Lars immediately replied.

Although he hugged her like this, it was very inconvenient to move and attack the enemy, but if he let her go, he would not feel secure. After all, Lars didn't feel secure about giving Keelin to anyone.

Keelin also knew what Lars was worried about but

“Kill them” Without giving them much thought, Jena gave an order

Immediately, all the traitorous vampires turned toward Lars. Although everyone tried to stop them, because they were numerous an
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