Chapter 105. Bonus Chapter 2 - Little Stella

Three years later.

In the middle of a large garden, a little girl ran fast on the grass with an eager and expectant face. While running, the little girl looked back and called out loudly

"Mommy! Hurry up, grandpa is coming."

"Stella, watch the road, don't turn around like that," Keelin said nervously.

Stella is the first child of Keelin and Lars.

During her pregnancy, Keelin heard Anthea tell many stories about her when she was a baby. At that time, she was very good, rarely cried, and disturbed her mother, so Anthea often said that raising Keelin time passed very quickly. Only when she was a toddler, but now she is about to be a mother

Originally, Keelin thought that after she was born, Stella would too, like her when she was young, but no, she was very active and rarely sat still.

With half-vampire blood, Stella's growth rate is also faster than normal people’s. However, she still retains the inherent innocence of a three-year-old child.

Stella has the same jet-black hair as Lars,
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