Chapter 106. Bonus Chapter 3 - Stella's Agreement

Soon, Lars caught up with them.

What surprised him was that Stephen did not take Keelin and Stella to any special place, but simply to Zoosemina Park, which combines an amusement park and a zoo.

When Lars found them, the sight before him made it hard for him to keep his cool as usual.

Sophronia is holding Stella to see elephants, and Keelin is being introduced to a new friend by Stephen

"Daughter-in-law, how do you see this person?"

"Yes? What do you mean?" Keelin looked at the strange men in front of her and couldn't help but feel confused. What is her father-in-law trying to do?

Stephen asked very enthusiastically

"Do you think he's handsome?"

“Yeah, handsome” Keelin replied. Since the questioner was her father-in-law, she took her opinion very seriously. The person in front of her, though not as handsome as Lars, was not much less.

Receiving Keelin's answer, Stephen nodded with satisfaction and introduced

“His name is Dylan, the son of the president of this city and the owner of th
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