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It is past 8 in the morning yet Nicole is still in the subway rushing herself to their office. She texted Terrence “I’ll be late a bit sis!”. “Okay will just cover you up to boss, just hurry.” Terrence replied.

While Terrence is having coffee on his office desk, Marco chatted him “where are your office located?”. Terrence carefully opens his messenger and replied “It is in N.Y tower dear, why?”. “Can I visit you and Nicole after office hours?” Marco asked. Terrence surprisingly thinks that Marco is really into Nicole so he feels excited and replied, “Will check with Nicole’s plan later will update you!”.

Nicole arrived in their office and was noticed by her boss, “Hey Nic you almost forgotten your scheduled shift.” Peter said. “Sorry sir just caught up in the rush hour at the subway will not happen again.” Nicole answered with a sweet smile and then she proceeds into her table. Terrence is laughing terribly towards her and immediately asked her, “Do you have any plans later after work?”. “Nothing as of now want to have some rest at home maybe.” Nicole answered back. “Okay then, can you accompany me later at G-mall will just buy something there?” Terrence asked her with sharp look. “Let me check it first with Louie if it’s okay with him.” Nicole responded. She immediately turns her computer on and work tremendously on her pending workloads.

“Hey will update you later, Nicole is already here and she said that she will ask permission first with her boyfriend. Got to work now chat you later” Terrence secretly chatted Marco.

As Marco received Terrence message, he immediately texted Nicole. “Good morning, are your busy right now?”. Nicole notice that someone texted her, immediately she checks on it and see Marco’s text, she was thinking if she will reply or not. But later on, she decided not this time. So instead, she texted Louie. "Hon, do you have any plans before your shift?". "Actually, I will be heading to the hospital to check mom's condition, why did you ask?" Louie replied. "I just want to ask if I can go with Terrence later at G-mall, he asked me to accompany him as he will have some stuffs to buy there." Nicole responded. "Sure, no worries you can go with him." Louie approved.

It is already lunch break, Nicole immediately go to Terrence table. "I will go with you later, Louie already approved it." Nicole happily telling the good news to Terrence. He immediately changes the topic and pull out his cellphone to chat Marco quietly. "Hey 6pm in G-mall, she is coming with us, let's pretend it is just coincidence." 

Marco is excited and wanted to pleased Nicole when they meet again so he plans and overthink things until he didn't notice it was already 5 in the afternoon. He immediately rushes preparing and go immediately to the G-mall.

Nicole and Terrence walk towards to the mall as it is only adjacent to their office. "I do have a feeling about Louie's actions, I think there is something that is going on with him yet he was not telling it to me." Nicole narrated while walking. "Really what is all about?" Terrence asked. "Well, I don't have any idea right now but i will know it eventually." Nicole answered. "For now, i just want to buy some coffee let's go to Cafe Ave girl." Excited Terrence exclaimed. 

As they are heading to Cafe Ave, Terrence secretly texted Marco that they will be heading to the coffee shop. Marco read it and immediately rush to the place and sit in one of the tables. 

From afar Nicole notice a familiar face. "Oh my God is it Marco from Lulu bar?" Surprisingly asking Terrence. "Oh yeah! what a coincident!" Terrence responded. Nicole then immediately pulled Terrence and tell him that "can we go to another coffee shop I didn't reply to his messages a while ago.". "No Girl just pretend you didn't notice him let him approach us if he notices our presence." Terrence commanded. So, they proceed going to the Cafe Ave and as they approach the counter to order, Marco shouted "Hey Nicole!". Terrence laughs hard enough as there is no escape for Nicole to avoid Marco. "Oh hi, what you are doing here, you work near here?" Nicole asked. "Actually, my school is just near." Marco answered. Nicole secretly pinched Terrence and start pulling of the conversation. "So, you are a student." Nicole sarcastically responded. "Well, I am graduating, would you mind if I can join you?" Marco asked. Immediately Terrence agrees that Marco can join them. 

As they order and get the coffees Nicole is silent and is quite uncomfortable. but she manages to pull the conversation by telling Marco “You text me earlier, got so busy in the office so I forgot to reply." Marco smiles and responded that it is okay however asked a favor to her. "Is it possible to visit you from time to time in your office if ever I don't have any school errands to do?" Marco asked. Nicole looks at Terrence and she knew that Marco wanted more than what they have right now. "Sure, if you have free time, you can go visit both of us in the office." Nicole said to Marco. 

They have a long stay in the G-mall from coffee and do the errands of Terrence alongside. Nicole didn't notice that she was already comfortable that Marco is around. As they bid goodbye to each other, "I was happy seeing you again Marco." Nicole said with a big smile on her face. "It was a pleasure meeting both of you again." Marco responded

Nicole took the subway in able to get home while heading to her stop her college friend texted her saying "Girl I saw Louie near Brookside, I just hoped you are there too. hope to see you soon too." Nicole was surprised because Louie said he will be at the hospital to check on her mom. So immediately she texted Louie, "Do you get to check your mom? How is she?". After several minutes Louie replied, "she is doing fine, I am already heading to the office for my shift text you later."

She was puzzled about what is going on with Louie. He hides things from her and didn't bother to explain anything to her.

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