Chapter 7 Full Moon Festival

The atmosphere in the business management class was very lively because the lecturer suddenly announced a leave of absence. All the students cheered happily because that way they could play and could also go home early. However, that does not apply to Addy. Alpha actually uses his spare time to visit the computer lab. His hands were busy typing on the keyboard, while his eyes focused on researching every word that came out on the thin screen.

He was annoyed when he made a mistake again. His spare time was about to run out. If he doesn't finish the project that Daniel offered a week ago, then that good opportunity will be lost. His situation of not having a laptop or computer required him to borrow a campus computer. If he's rushing, he usually goes to a computer rental and has to pay extra.

“Finally finished!” Addy exclaimed happily. He quickly copied the file to the flash drive and checked it again. After feeling that everything was safe, he hurriedly packed the notebooks into a shab
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