Chapter 64 Broken Ties

Addy opened his eyes as his body felt very hot, particularly in the left neck area. His breath was hunting like he had run a marathon of thousands of kilometers, and his body was soaked in cold sweat.

“Ah… it hurts so much.” His hand rubbed his bandaged left neck and was slightly wet. He closed his eyes again when he recalled the past events that managed to make his heart hurt a lot. Addy felt that his feelings were betrayed.

“Are you awake?” he asked, placing a small glass filled with purple-colored liquid.

“How could I be here again?” Addy actually asked Theodor, who was now standing firmly next to the bed he was sleeping in. His great-grandfather's cocky face showed a worried look.

“Three days ago, David ran over here with a cry on his face. Your father had passed out for an hour and when he woke up he told me that you rejected your Omega,” he explained, staring at the painting with a picture of a wolf attached to the wall.

Addy fell silent as the phrase 'Omega' uttered from T
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