Chapter 17



"Grandpa, you can't do this"

"Yes I can. I am king." He stubbornly says, his hands tightening on the arm of the chair. We made eye contact with each other. His nose is flaring as he glares at me. I sigh.

"Yes, I know, Grandpa," resigned, I settled back on the chair, " I know you are king which is why I am trying to insist that you should consider."

"Why should I consider? I do what I want because I can!" his voice raise as he glared at me. I bit the inside of my cheek and said, "But grandpa, if I cancel the engagement it will appear as though I am not serious. The people will doubt my credibility."

"That is not true. They will trust whatever you do and support you. How can a broken engagement destroy your reign as king? They will forget about it once you marry Fleur, and that is final."

"Grandpa please, give me a month. I am still not sure of my feelings. Do not rush me into this things, please..." I pleaded, my voice thickening with emotions. The king look at me
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