Chapter 25



“Wait,” I turn around to see Luke running towards me.

“Luke, what are you doing? Go back! The king—"

“It’s okay,” he took me in his arms and hug me tight. “He’s alright. I wanted to talk to you, I miss you...” he held me close, leaning in to stare at me. Though I snuggled in his chest and tried to avoid his gaze. “You never know how much I have longed for you for the past month.”

Oh Luke, I miss you so much but what you did disgust me.

I push him back, my lips trembling. “Quit acting like a saint, Luke, because you are far from being one.” He looks at me as though he doesn’t know what I am talking about. I glared at him. Puffing my cheeks, I put my hand on my waist and said, “Luke, tell me...what do you need to say so I can go?”

“What? You are going back?” he looks like a lost puppy, I couldn’t focus my gaze at him. He hold my hand but I just push him off, “Luke stop this nonsense.” I step back and stare at him. He looks at me and sigh, “Okay, well. I just wan
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