Chapter 27



The wind is cold. I tighten my grip on Luke’s arms as we slowly trek down the mountain with the moon as our only source of light. The mush of snow soaked our jeans, making me shiver.

“Don’t worry,” Luke’s voice trembled as he speak, he puts an arm around me and pulled me close, “I know a place nearby…” He says as he held the trunk of a tree that is weirdly marked with a circle. We pass another tree with that same symbol and he smiled. “We are almost near, do you think you can handle it?”

I nodded, not having the voice to speak. The wind is cold. Thunder occasionally rumbled, I look up the sky to see the moon covered by clouds. I hope we can reach the shelter he’s been talking about. Luke tighten his hold on me as we struggled up the mountain. I couldn’t feel my feet because of how numb they are. Luke is breathing hard like I am.

After a while of trekking, Luke spotted the shelter and he happily pointed at it, “Look there. Can you see it?”

The huge shadow of the
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