Chapter 28



"Okay, I couldn't. What I really wanted to say to the king, I couldn't say any of it." A tear falls down on his cheek as Luke continue, "How hard it is for me to live as an orphan and sell my sister. I hated the king so much. I blame him for what had happened in the past. Because I thought they are going to look for me, I stubbornly refuse to be adopted, hoping that he will find me soon for I haven't change my name. In the end, he never found me and I felt so lonely."

"Then , I got adopted. I struggled to be the best but in the end, there is this void I couldn't fill." He looks at me, his eyes glassy, " I miss them so much, I miss my parents..." I pulled him in my arms and gently tap his back.

After a while, we pulled back. He cleared his throat while I tuck my hair on my ear. "Are you finally okay, now?" I ask him lightly and he nodded. "Yes. A little bit. Earlier that-"

"Hmm?" I smiled back at him and he bowed, sighing. "That-"

"What? About you crying?" his fa
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