Chapter 33

Elle and Jacob on top!



Edam is so annoying.

He was stubborn. He wouldn’t leave me alone. He trailed me around like a lost puppy and I couldn’t handle it anymore.

When I woke up after the incident. Luke has already gone back to France. He left me a note, promising that we will meet again after he fix the problem back at the castle.

I wonder if Luke will ever fix it. I don’t even know if me and him will ever meet in the near future.

I glared at Edam and push him out of my apartment. “Mademoiselle, don’t do this.” I push him back and try to close the door, hating the fact that he keep on asking me if I am fine, and I tell him that I am. Though the truth is, I don’t know how to express myself.

So I kick him out, literally.

“Your highness,” Edam tries to force himself inside my room but I push his fingers away with my ruler, “Please listen. The prince want me to stay.”

“But I don’t want you here, Edam. Go back to France!” I hit his finger again and he hissed, “Please
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